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Birthdate:May 16
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
Website:LJ: The Psychologist's Couch

Interests (146):

adult swim, atlantic city, bad reality tv, being random, being read to, bleeding human nature, boondock saints, boston legal, bunny suicides, camden riversharks, capt. jim brass, carnivale, celtic knotwork, chilis, citizen kane, clinton kelly, clue, comedy, compliments, creative writing, csi, cute irishmen, cutting magazines, david mccallum, daydreaming, dean stockwell, denny crane, diners, dogbert, dollar stores, dr. cockroach, dr. dan harris, dr. donald mallard, dr. gregory house, dr. horrible, dr. john watson, dr. leonard mccoy, dr. zoidberg, dreams, ducky, eddie izzard, empathic connections, equality, family guy, fedoras, fictional doctors, fictional presidents, getting mail, gilbert & george, giles, goucher, great big sea, grissom, guster, guys, homestar runner, house m.d., hugh laurie, illya kuryakin, jack kerouac, jed bartlet, jerseyhopping, jordan wethersby, just buying time, kevin fitzgerald, law & order, leadership, learning, leo mcgarry, les miserables, lewis black, lists, lodz, martin sheen, meatwad, men in suits, miniature schnauzers, moshi pillows, mysticism, napoleon solo, ncis, nintendo, novels, old nickelodeon shows, owning my mistakes, oxford shirts, parody, patrick bauchau, person of interest, pez, philosophy, photoshop, pineapples, pinky and the brain, postcards, psychology, quantum leap, quoting, rambles, rambling, reading/writing, reese/finch, renaissance faires, roller coaster tycoon, rpgs, rumi, sarcasm, satire, sergeant john munch, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, sinfest, singing along, sketchbooks, slurpees, snail-mail, snappy comebacks, south jersey, spaceship earth, star trek tos, stephen fry, stewie, stickers, strong bad, taco bell, tea, teaching, telepathic links, the centre, the cheat, the house/holmes connections, the man from u.n.c.l.e., the off season, the regional reaper, the westing game, theatre, thrift stores, understanding people, unsolved mysteries, victor garber, video game drumming, walt disney world, watchers, west wing, william adama, wit
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